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Adventures in phone sex from a flirt's perspective. You name it we've heard it!
  • This month's blog I'm dedicating to the men who love everything ass related! They know who they are.. You get an email, message or call and the person wishes to worship your lovely ass. For many dominatrix this may seem tame but I see it as a challenge to make them earn every peek and glance of my full, round caboose.I generally start these calls with ground rules and material gathering.1. Retrieve or have handy many of the following materials:Clothes PinsRubber BandsRopeAlligator clips and chainSlapping deviceWhip2. My style is to start with  Tease and Denial so they must work up to full enjoyment. The supplicant must perform a task with 1 or more of the above items for a few seconds of a glance at my nice ass. If they perform poorly they may lose their chance to see my goodies. If they do well and obey they may get an extra treat.3. Depending upon if they like other types of Dom: CBT, T&D, Humiliation etc., I'll add in other elements to make it more exciting depending upon their level of intensity desired. 4. After a bit and I know what they want out of their dominatrix session. I then begin with giving teasers, commands etc. If they've done well throughout the call they'll get to release while watching my ass make some magic. Otherwise, they are left high and dry with often a click for wasting their Mistress's time.Personally, these are some of my most enjoyable calls. Listening to him beg and plead to see my nice, round ass and either denying him right out or only giving him a taste for a few seconds. Thank you to all the ass worshipers, this Dom loves you!Mistress Zellanawww.niteflirt.com/Zellanahttp://www.sexy-flirts-on-phone.com/

  • Communication..- talk about what you prefer.. lights on lights off? sexy clothing.. no clothing etc.Sex is not like it is in the porno's .. they have bright, hot lights on .. most couples don't enjoy this although it looks glamorous on tv.Ask what your partner is willing to do.. in Porn the guy/girl gets whatever he wants. Porn is all about good entertainment, getting to the money shot etc. Most men do not have porn sized penises. Many men coming of age now are uncircumcised so women may get a surprise having not seen many such penises in porn. Women don't like cock's rammed down their mouth.. (in general) so be careful to understand your partner's needs before just assuming they'll like whatever your friends told you to try or some movie. Wishing you all a "fun" and sex filled 2013!!Mistress Zellanawww.niteflirt.com/Zellanahttp://www.sexy-flirts-on-phone.com/

  • Well tonight one of my favorite Sissy's called and clearly he wanted to be punished. What was his assignment you ask? Well he was to wear his diaper and baby outfit to the local store and pick up a few baby items. Also, since I had just helped him change his diaper and he soiled himself slightly he was instructed to wear a note stating: "My Mistress is not responsbile for my dirty diaper". He called me from the store while he was picking up the items and started to complain about people staring at him. I told him life is rough and he needs to not care what other people think... other than his Mistress. So what do you all think of this pathetic baby piggy Danielle? Have any suggestions for his next assignment? Mind you he has a dirty piggy mouth!I would love to be one of the store shoppers when he walks by ... wonder if he'll show up on one of those "People of.." sites lol. Mistress Zellanawww.niteflirt.com/Zellanahttp://www.sexy-flirts-on-phone.com/

  • Well if you are like me this time of year can get a little crazy! There are Holiday parties, Family activities and very little time to be alone or with your significant other. How do you all keep it going this time of year when you're already exhasuted near bedtime? I personally try to do a few simple things to keep the excitement and Holiday exhaustion at bay.1. Get good sleep. That means at least 8 hours. Without good sleep you won't have energy for all the Holiday activities let alone bedroom activities. 2. Pick a time mid-day to get together with your bedroom playmate. If you're able to take a nap after your bedroom festivities. If you find a time mid-day to enjoy each other you won't be trying to get on your best moves when you're tired.3. If mid-day won't work go for him/her right after you wake up. If morning breath gets to you, get up a bit ahead and brush your teeth and use mouth wash. Morning sex by far is some of the BEST sex... something about morning wood that just cannot be beat :).4. Have your special other trade massages with you. Get some great oils or lotion and make it into a sexy, relaxing time for you both. Other than these simple things you can try to not over extend yourself. Don't accept so many invites that you run yourself ragged. And if all else fails you can always call me on Niteflirt for some stress relief :) Mistress Zellanawww.niteflirt.com/Zellanahttp://www.sexy-flirts-on-phone.com/

  • Who knew there were two main styles of Mistresses who keep submissives? Well you will soon :). When I first started dipping my toes into the Dominatrix world it seemed very natural for me. I'm a type A personality and a take charge kind of girl so being a Dom seemed like a natural course. The more I learned about domination I learned about chastity, cuckolding, slave training etc. There is a whole world of vocabulary just for domination. This is where I learned of a famous Dominatrix named Ingrid Bellemare. Ingrid started as a casual Dominatrix and eventually started a sex toy/domination shop in the Netherlands. She wrote many books on the subject and one of her most well known book is: Owning and Training a Male Slave by Ingrid Bellemare. She has a wonderful history of how her lifestyle domination started as casual and grew into the 24/7 life she enjoys today.So the question is casual or lifestyle? Personally, I feel almost all lifestyle Doms should start as casual and make sure that is what they really want. When you take over the role of lifestyle Dom in a submissive's life that can be daunting. Starting casually into the training, life managing and pleasure maintenance can give the Dom an idea and training they need to live the life full-time. Regardless if you prefer casual or lifestyle Mistresses there is a wide range of specialties each with their own peculiarities. However, if you choose to seek out a lifestyle Dom be ready to submit fully on her terms. If you're not ready to make that plunge then a casual Dom is a better choice.Mistress Zellanawww.niteflirt.com/Zellanahttp://www.sexy-flirts-on-phone.com/